How it works

Get paid within five days. No money worries!

  • Official paperwork
  • Prompt payment
  • Tax handled

How does it work?

You have a potential client on the line...

Do you hate the admin? Quoting, invoicing etc.

Don't have a proper accounting system in place?

Hate the back and forward while trying to close the deal?

Step 1. Let's close the deal

If you are not sure what to charge, let's chat. We can help you get to a working price.

We will then produce an official Cost Estimate for your client.

Behind the scenes we will get the vendor listing sorted if NoSweat is not already listed.

Step 2. Get a Purchase Order

Having a Purchase Order or verified agreement from the client is the first step to securing your payment further down the line.

Step 3. Get on with the job

You can now work with your mind on the job knowing you are secure.

Step 4. Invoice Time

No Sweat will invoice on the pre-agreed milestones, or on completion of the work.

Step 5. Get paid

When your client agrees that everything has been done to their satisfaction, we pay you within five days.

Payment is normally done on the same day that the client agrees that all is in order.

Not only that, you also look like a real pro, and you are never hassling your client for payment.

What does it cost?

We charge 4% of your project fee.

If the job was worth ZAR10 000, we will keep ZAR400.

We will also deal with your income tax according to your tax profile.

Lets get your project on the road

We will help you get the paperwork formalised and track the project

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Job Guy

NoSweat Work is a freelance and permanent placement and engagement management platform.

We help clients find freelance or full-time staff. After placement we manage the engagement from start to finish for the best outcome for both client and freelancer.

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