Profile Tailor

Your key to successful job applications

  • You only have a few seconds to impress the client
  • A well-structured profile will get you noticed

LinkedIn: R399

Interview Videos: R499

Edit Videos: R299

Prices include VAT

In a nutshell

Profile Tailor is a NoSweat consultation service to help you put your best foot forward and improve your chances of becoming the 'chosen one'.

Clients are busy people that do not have time to wade through reams of irrelevant information, or worse, no information at all.

  • We help you complete your NoSweat Profile. No charge.
  • We will assess your LinkedIn profile and suggest improvements. R399
  • We will review your portfolio website.
  • We help record your video interview. R499
  • We edit your video interview for you. R299

It will take some effort from you, but it will be worthwhile.

We help you complete your NoSweat profile

Many folks fall short on this initial setup requirement.

With all the required information in place, your path is clear to apply without any obstacles.

An improved LinkedIn profile

Having a LinkedIn profile configured according to our guidelines will increase your chances of getting a NoSweat job.

Sections we evaluate:

  • Your Profile Photo
  • LinkedIn introduction
  • Personalised URL
  • Companies you worked for
  • Your job titles
  • Your job descriptions
  • The end clients you delivered work for

A brief assessment of your portfolio site

The proof lies in the work you have done.

We will give your portfolio site a once-over and provide some basic feedback.

Video Interviews

This gives the client a chance to see your face, get to know you a bit better, make your profile a little more interesting and intriguing.

  • We want you to come in and have a chat
  • We will place a camera to record, but this is not the main focus
  • A member of The Profile Tailor team will sit with you and interview you
  • We want you to look great just as much you do!
  • Our Editor will put the video together for you and send you the link
  • If you want to film it yourself but want it edited for you, you can send us your footage and we’ll get right on it

What does it cost?

Profile Tailor starts from R399 inclusive of VAT

In the LinkedIn package R399:

  • Assistance to get your NoSweat profile completed
  • Detailed assessment of your LinkedIn profile
  • Email with comments and suggestions for completing/improving each section of your LinkedIn profile
  • Discussion meeting (Skype call or meet at NoSweat offices in Johannesburg, up to one hour duration)
  • Two reverts on your LinkedIn profile improvement path

In the Interview package R499:

  • A member of The Profile Tailor team will sit and interview you
  • We will make sure you look and sound professional
  • We will record this interview session
  • We will do several takes to make sure that you are happy
  • If you wish to edit the video yourself, we will send you the footage
  • If you want us to edit the video for you see either the Editing package or the Full Profile Package

In the Editing package R299:

  • Editing of your video interview videos (so that it looks neat and has titles)
  • Either from filming with NoSweat or from the video you filmed and sent to us
  • Two reverts on the edited video

In the Full Profile package R999:

  • Includes everything in the LinkedIn package
  • Includes everything in the Interview package
  • Includes everything in the Editing package

Profile Tailor Process

Hit the “get the tailor” button below and send off the email.

  • The tailor will contact you to confirm you are ready to start and which services it is that you require
  • The tailor will send you a quote depending on what services you have chosen (From R399 incl VAT)
  • You make the payment
  • The work begins
  • If you are doing the video interviews, you will be required to come into the NoSweat offices to film
  • We will make an appointment with you
  • If you are using our editing service, then our editor will put the video together for you
  • Video editing has two reverts
  • If the service is LinkedIn then we will start the assessment
  • Once the assessment is complete, the tailor will contact you to schedule the discussion meeting
  • You have two email or telephone call reverts
  • Provided you have the skills required, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile will get you into a job

Get the Profile Tailor

If you see the value in

  • A complete NoSweat profile
  • A well-crafted LinkedIn
  • A sensible portfolio site
  • A put together video interview

NoSweat Work is a freelance and permanent placement and engagement management platform.

We help clients find freelance or full-time staff. After placement we manage the engagement from start to finish for the best outcome for both client and freelancer.

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