How it works

Get direct access to a professional, on-demand workforce

  • NoSweat has an extensive database of freelancers
  • New talent arrives daily
  • When you post a brief, candidates who like your offer and are available will apply
  • You start receiving candidates within minutes

Which industries do we serve?

NoSweat is currently strongest in:

  • Marketing and Media
  • Advertising
  • Film
  • IT and Software Development

Our freelancers' skills

  • Account
    1276 people
    Account Director
    166 people
    Account Executive
    65 people
    Account Manager
    215 people
    Business Consultant
    59 people
    Business Unit Director
    51 people
    Campaign Manager
    88 people
    Client Service Director
    79 people
    Inbound Marketing Manager
    23 people
    Managing Director
    28 people
    Marketing Manager
    179 people
    PR Account Director
    23 people
    Strategic Planner
    71 people
    229 people
  • Administrative
    203 people
    Administrative Assistant
    131 people
    24 people
    Virtual Assistant
    48 people
  • Creative
    4831 people
    2D Animator
    125 people
    2D Architectural Draughting
    10 people
    3D Animator
    52 people
    3D Character Animator
    16 people
    3D Modeler / Renderer
    56 people
    Art Buyer / Art Producer
    20 people
    Art Director
    368 people
    74 people
    181 people
    Content Manager
    187 people
    490 people
    Corporate Video Editor
    96 people
    Creative Director
    234 people
    Creative Quality Assurer
    11 people
    Design Director
    99 people
    656 people
    DTP Operator
    173 people
    DTP / Studio Manager
    54 people
    Editor Video
    151 people
    Exhibition designer
    18 people
    Finished Artist
    75 people
    174 people
    Motion Graphics Designer
    113 people
    Multimedia Designer
    54 people
    Packaging Designer
    95 people
    131 people
    Post Production clean up and footage preparation
    29 people
    Presentation Specialist
    59 people
    PR Writer - Journalist
    90 people
    100 people
    6 people
    Service Design Lead
    3 people
    Social Media Designer
    87 people
    Social Media Manager
    278 people
    Storyboard Artist
    40 people
    Textile Designer
    14 people
    46 people
    Video Content Creator
    111 people
    Voice Over Artist
    71 people
    Web Designer
    184 people
  • Media
    46 people
    Media Buyer
    13 people
    Media Planner
    33 people
  • Model
    19 people
    Commercial Model Bit Parts
    2 people
    Commercial Model Extra (No Close Up)
    5 people
    Commercial Model Featured No Dialogue
    1 people
    Commercial Model Lead No Dialogue
    3 people
    Commercial Model Lead with Dialogue
    1 people
    Fashion Model
    7 people
  • Operations
    156 people
    Brand Activator
    11 people
    Event Producer
    73 people
    Operations Manager
    34 people
    Paid Advertising Manager
    11 people
    Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)
    27 people
  • Production
    793 people
    50 people
    Production Manager
    84 people
    Product Manager
    18 people
    Project Manager
    209 people
    255 people
    Radio Producer
    35 people
    Sound Design
    13 people
    Traffic Manager
    72 people
    TV Producer
    57 people
  • Software Development
    578 people
    App Designer
    51 people
    Developer Back-End / API
    24 people
    Developer C#
    16 people
    Developer Front-End
    64 people
    Developer Full Stack
    53 people
    Developer PHP
    21 people
    Developer React / React Native
    6 people
    Developer Wordpress (Plugins)
    54 people
    E Commerce Consultant
    21 people
    Geographic Information System Specialist (GIS)
    1 people
    SEO Consultant
    56 people
    Software Deployment Specialist
    3 people
    Software QA and Testing
    1 people
    Technical Support - Android
    7 people
    User Experience Designer (UX)
    79 people
    User Interface Designer (UI)
    121 people
  • 13 people
    Copy Editor
    9 people
    Data Analyst
    4 people

How are freelancers vetted?

NoSweat freelancers provide information you can use to make informed decisions before placement:

  • LinkedIn
  • Behance or any other external portfolio websites
  • Experience and work history outside of NoSweat including references
  • Work history done via NoSweat

What about permanent placements?

No problem, we simply post the job as a permanent placement.

If you really like a freelancer you have been working with and would like to make them an offer, just let us know.

You pay 10% of the candidate's annual gross salary.

What does it cost?

NoSweat charges 16% of the project cost for freelance work.

Tell us what you want to spend and we do the maths. No surprises or hidden costs.

Your Cost to Company is your total expense.

You pay 10% of the candidate's annual gross salary for permanent placements.

Wondering about freelancers' rates?

Try out the calculator

How does the money work?

When the work is done:

  • NoSweat will invoice you
  • Either you pay the freelancer's PAYE or we can take care of that for you
  • Once you approve the freelancer's work, we pay them
  • You pay NoSweat based on the standard trading terms we agree to together

Who are our clients?

NoSweat places freelancers on-site. This allows us to engage with large and small companies alike. We work with:

  • Publicis Machine
  • DDB
  • Havas
  • Mediacom
  • Deloitte
  • FCB
  • And many more

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