Commission from only


A fully managed process: Job Posting, CE, PO, Time-sheets, Invoicing and Money Collection.


You pay nothing, nada, not a cent

Zero Cost

As a Freelancer your admin is a walk in the park. Focus on what you love to do, your creative work.


Price, distance, job type

Job nailed

Buyers know instantly how many freelancers they will reach. Too few candidates? Increase the rate or go remote.


for Freelancers will change the way you engage with your clients, forever. In a good way!

Prepare for the ultimate journey of self employment without the hassle.

Check out the Sellers Terms. It is a bunch of small print but also a good read, if you have nothing else to do and there is nothing else to read… in the world.

Basically we give you an easy, transparent and managed way to deal with your clients. End of story.

for Buyers

Finding and doing business with Freelances will be a pleasure from start to end.

From single vendor registration to consistent administration, you never had it better.

Read the Buyers Terms or get your legal guys give it a once over. Freelancers or Sellers are guided through a well defined business process as they engage with you.

No more cowboy stories to tell around the camp fire or braai.

Job Matching

Focused notifications and tailored job board so there is no noise, only the exact jobs you are looking for.

Cost Estimates

No documents required. Just put yourself forward for a job and the admin is done.

Purchase Orders

Peace of mind for the freelancer. Ensured procedures for the client.


On time every day. Handle any queries before they become problems.


Purchase Order based jobs are secured by the documentation. The Escrow system ensures a fair payment environment.


We pay over your PAYE so there is no tax hassle ever.


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Sebastian Van't Hoff

Client and Freelance Liaison

phone: +27 76 226 0161

Neil McIver

Accounts and other boring stuff

phone: +27 82 412 2327

Wilfred Greyling

The buck stops here

phone: +27 78 337 9600

Brian Macgreggor

The legal guys. No sweat.

phone: +27 11 918 4116

NoSweat Work is a freelance placement and engagement management platform.

We help buyers find freelancers for their overflow work or for once-off projects. After placement we manage the engagement from start to end for the best outcome for both buyer and freelancer.

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